14 Nov


CNN Money presents us an interesting way of decreasing a company’s brand equity. Not a difficult way to do it.

In UK the 400 g of Toblerone chocolate bar was reduced to 360 g and the 170 g bar was reduced o 150g. All they change for those bars is weight. Taste, pack, price and all chocolate bar dimensions except weight, are not changed.

So, you, as a chocolate lover, buy with the same amount of money less chocolate but you will be able to find out only after you buy it because everything looks like before. When you open the bar, you will find out that one triangular segment out of two is missing. On Toblerone Facebook page, consumers complain about the way they were cheated. They consider that this reduction of weight with no other changes of the package is designed to fool people into thinking they are buying the same quantity of chocolate as before. Toblerone said that they have announced a weight reduction in Toblerone bars due to rising of production costs. 

With an UK experience of “taking one out” like Reliant did with Robin which produced the 3 wheel car, now Toblerone strikes back to prove its consumers that they can do the same with chocolate.

Consumers understand the “shrinkflation” as a Brexit result but they do not understand why the company was not making clear that they have a situation and share the result of it without giving  the impression of cheating.

One marketing mistake might be responsible for the decrease return in customer loyalty, based on luck of trust.

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